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The mention of Shanghai for many people evokes images of a towering urban jungle with skyscrapers dotting the horizon. Additionally, the name is associated with global business, but below this surface rests a rich reservoir of attractions that have made this Chinese city one of the top tourist destinations. According to the UN World Tourism Organization (WTO) China was ranked as the fourth ranking world’s tourist destination and most of these visitors passed through Shanghai. If you want to spend time in this amazing destination, here are some facts that will make your stay even more exciting.

Unraveling Shanghai

This is the largest city in China and has a history dating back to the 4th century though it started flourishing mostly during the Ming Dynasty. It is located in central – eastern China and its name loosely translates to ‘above the sea’. It sits majestically at the mouth of the Yangtze River and is roughly sectioned into Pudong to the east of Huangpu River and Puxi to the west of the same river. Most of the tourist attractions are located in Puxi while the famous modern developments stand majestically in Pudong. The city is a global financial centre ranking fifth in the Global Financial Centers Index of 2011.

Sights to See and Things to Do in Shanghai

There is no single review of this city that can summarily exhaust all the things you can do and see. Some of the main attractions and activities can be delineated into;

Historical sites and temples; this city is laden with a rich historical heritage and some of these include Jade Buddha temple, Shanghai Municipal History Museum, Jing An Temple, Qibao and Fengjing Ancient town, Confucius temple, Loghua street with its temple and Pagoda and the old street among myriad others. Some of the museums contain artifacts going back to the Han dynasty in 206 BC. In all these extensive sites, you will learn about the history of the city and to a larger extent of China.

Parks and gardens; as the city expands rapidly, parks have been created to provide a getaway to visitors. They include the famous Garden of Contentment (Yuyuan), Riverside Promenade (Bingjiand Da Dao), Fuxing Park, Century Park, Flower pot among others. These are places where you can sit back and marvel at the city around you especially at sunset or at night with glowing illumination.

Art and culture; Shanghai is a melting port of cultures. From the M50 art community, the film park, urban planning exhibition hall and many streets each with its own cultural and art galleries featuring different themes, an art lover can never lack for entertainment here.

Modern attractions and shopping; these include the marvel so modern technology such as Chinese high speed railway, new spot for a shopping experience, shanghai airport, people’s square, Oriental Pearl TV tower, World Financial Centre to mention but a few.

These are just a few of the magnificent attractions and activities you can enjoy here. There are even more form wildlife parks, city tours and architectural artifacts from centuries gone by. Indeed, Shanghai is not only a show piece of China’s economic boom but a gem for every vacationer. For a city with such a fantastic array of attractions, impeccable transport and accommodation options, it is no surprise that millions are flocking here.

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