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A Trip to Paphos

Cyprus is one of the great jewels of the Mediterranean. With its wonderful climate and beautiful beach resorts, it’s no wonder that the island lures so many tourists from overseas. The resort town of Paphos is particularly impressive. A visit to Cyprus differs considerably from many other beach holidays that I have taken. This much […]

Safari in Tanzania: Attractions in the South

While most of the safari crowd in Tanzania is concentrated on its northern safari circuit, only few lucky ones aware of the best-kept secrets of Tanzanian wilderness head to the unperturbed nature reserves to the south of the country. With availability of limited accommodations in the southern game reserves, southern Tanzania safaris are considered perfect […]

Costa Rica – A Must Visit Place for Nature Lovers

Are you planning an adventurous trip with your friends or family? Are you still looking for a place that is both adventurous and full of nature with a safe environment? Costa Rica can offer you a full-on entertainment to enjoy the trip with both your friends and family. Costa Rica is a country, officially called […]

Holidays to Mauritius – Attractions Visitors Ought to See

Mauritius is an incredible tropical delight that impresses all and sundry with its sparkling blue waters, brilliant pristine beaches and gorgeous waterfalls. The island nation’s remarkable marine life is another big charm that attracts many to look out for cheap holidays in Mauritius. With so much to experience, feel and explore – it is not […]

Three Reasons Why Golfers Love To Join A Golf Club

The love for golf is reason enough for golfing aficionados to join a club and opt for the best stay and play golf packages. However, the advantages of a club membership expand further than just the game or the facilities a club has to offer. The benefits of a membership don’t only extend to players, […]

Ten Things to Do and See in Seychelles

Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean and is composed of 115 islands. It is near the East African coast as well as Madagascar. Although there is still some instability with regards to their politics, it is still a favorite tourist destination, and here are ten things that you can do when you are in […]

Durban Beaches – Durban’s World Famous Golden Mile!

Durban in South Africa is famous for its wonderful year round climate and fantastic tourist beaches. Durban’s Golden Mile is full of beautiful surf spots that are visited yearly by many tourists. At the beginning of the Golden Mile you will find the Bay of Plenty, North and Dairy Beach. North Beach is where the […]

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage – A Mammoth Step

On the way to Sri Lanka’s kingdom in the hills is a home for the majestic mammal, the elephant. The road to the orphanage is covered in shrubs and trees, giving the area a jungle like atmosphere, suitable for the indigenous Sri Lankan elephant (Elephas Maximus Maximus). Most elephant species are now extinct and the […]

Lisbon, Portugal: Medieval Beauty at Its Height

Rooted in tradition and proud of her rich history and lineage, a trip to Lisbon is a study in the different dimensions which make up this beautiful city. One of the leading players in shaping the renaissance in Europe and today a bustling center for the arts, a trip to Lisbon is also a trip […]

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in the Mpumalanga Province South Africa

1. Blue Swallows: Considered to be South Africa’s most endangered bird, blue swallows can be found, if you’re lucky, in the Limpopo Province where they nest in old sink holes, mine shafts and antbear holes, or in Mpumalanga near Kaapsche Hoop. Alternatively, visit Nyika Plateau in Malawi for a sure sighting. 2. Wakkerstroom: Some 20 […]